Evaluating CC8 Creating Awareness

Creating awareness involves using the direct communication and powerful questioning competencies.  At a beginning level of competency, it means generating awareness of newcc8a techniques or options and of action steps to move forward.  Enhancing this skill involves working with the client to integrate their new awareness in situations.  At a high level of competency, the coach does more and fuller exploration prior to focusing on a solution.  The coach effectively creates awareness by empowering the client as their own best expert in the exploration.

A coach is failing this competency at any level if the focus is not on the client’s agenda, the coach narrows the exploration to a single issue without client consent, or if instead of really exploring the cc8bcoach uses assessments or standardized exercises.  It the coach is not using the client’s thinking and learning as tools or defines the awareness without it being client driven then they are going to fail this competency at the PCC level.

Coaching is a process for exploration and discovery that then enhances strategizing and planning.  Providing the service of coaching calls for the coach empowering the client to expand their thinking and create their own awareness

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