Brand Your Coaching Niche

Brand Your Coaching Niche

Brand Your Coaching NicheBranding is the one thing that, with all other factors being equal, makes your product stand distinct from the rest.  With completion of the coaching certification at the Center for Coaching Certification each participant is given access to the coach login page.  One of the tools there is a road map or process for creating a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement so you tailor it for your coaching niche.  Keep in mind that the statement without branding is incomplete, the Ying is missing its Yang.

It is in many cases as simple as having walked-the-walk yourself.  For example, if your niche area is “Transition Coaching” and in addition to the formal coach traiing, you have also been through the transition process yourself at any time in your life, that is a significant thing that you bring to your niche; that supports you branding yourself in a way that is unique from other coaches.

The good news is that if your own transition was wrought with missteps and faux pas, you have the best hook in your niche – you know what NOT to do as well as learning through experience options that work.  Think of all the things you bring to your brand just by that one fact!  You have (1) Experience – “ I know what to expect and how to handle it” (2) Authenticity – “I can truly empathize at every step” and (3) Clout – “I know it can be done because I have done it” so reflect on your learning and how you now support others exploring and learning.

Answers to a few simple questions help you brand your niche (Hint: They are all centered around your innate passion):

  1. What was it that motivated you to select your niche?
  2. What is the one thing about your niche area that excites you the most?
  3. What about it appeals to you to the extent of exciting you?

Use the answers to these questions as a launching pad for developing your message.

Above all, make sure your brand is one you are passionate about, get excited discussing, and engage in because you enjoy the work.  That is basic brand sustainability.

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