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Opportunities for Health and Wellness Coaching

To state the obvious, health care is big business with a big demand. The aging of the largest generation, baby boomers, is adding to this reality. Health care companies are pushing prevention and patient involvement. Additionally, with information increasingly available more individuals are aware of their options and placing priority on their health and wellness. At the same time there is both demand for and interest in health care, one of the greatest challenges for the profession is to engage the individuals served. A new paradigm of client/patient accountability adds another dimension to this challenge. What this means is that the opportunities for health and wellness coaching are growing.

Opportunities for Health and Wellness CoachingFor individual coaches offering services through their own independent businesses, reaching wellness conscious individuals through fitness centers, health food stores, activity clubs, and proactive companies is an opportunity for developing a private client base.

For coaches who seek job opportunities, the possibilities for health and wellness coaching within the scope of jobs means exploring specific postings with companies. Consider those who offer EAP programs, medical insurance companies that include services for individuals to access medical professionals, navigate personal care, and also to have a coach within plans for large companies, and health care provider organizations, including private businesses, companies, and hospital systems, with a coaching component to get started. Then be creative – expand the search – there are more opportunities in smaller companies too for health and wellness coaching.


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