Coaching for All – Review Your Website and Social Media

The next step in the challenge for you to increase diversity and inclusion / regard in your coaching work is to review the language used on your website and in your social media profiles.

“The difference between the right word and the almost-right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.” — Mark Twain

A great article giving examples and explanations for language that serves the intention of diversity and inclusion is at

Examples of language that can be perceived negatively and possible alternatives:

The challenge is that words mean different things to different people.  General guidelines include considering the reader first, reflecting on possible interpretations, and being intentional with how you say what you say.

Examples of images may be easier.  If you include pictures of people, and all of the people in the picture appear to be easily categorized as similar, it can give a perception of being a site intended for that category only.  A common example is if everyone in the images is white and seems to be of middle to high professional levels and income. Alternatively, if you also use images that include people that seem to be different, that promotes diversity and inclusion / regard.  Consider the following examplesWhat do you notice in the pairs of images? What difference does the appearance of the people make?

Now look at the images as a group.  What is the difference in the impression each group has on viewers?The challenge for you now?  Review your website and social media profiles. Carefully consider the content and images and look for ways to communicate open acceptance.

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