Creating Awareness

Creating Awareness

One of the unsung powers of coaching is the awareness that is created. As a norm, we are accustomed to being told and in turn we tell. Teachers tell us things. When we are trained, we are told. Bosses tell us what to do. Colleagues and friends give us advice. Mentors tell. With all of the telling, if we really heard it all, we would be brilliant. The catch is most of us don’t hear it all.

In coaching, the coach does the asking insteadCreating Awareness of telling. The coach’s job is to ask questions. By asking questions the coach empowers thinking and learning. The coach invites the client to discover and in this process creates a space for new awareness. It is this new awareness that leads to change.

Creating awareness also happens outside of the coaching sessions. For example, a coach will work with their client to plan experiential learning, to reflect through journaling, or to be observant during their regular activities. Then in coaching, this awareness is explored to maximize the learning and the benefit.

For a coach to effectively create awareness with a client it means staying in the role of a coach and listening, asking questions, and exploring new opportunities for awareness.

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