Illuminating Blind Spots

Sarah Roberts

Sarah Robertsby Sarah Roberts

Blind spots prevent us from seeing things the way they really are, and the way others view us.  Coaching to illuminate blind spots is a gift.  As the coach, what do you do when you see the client’s blind spot?  What do you do when the client sees their blind spot and chooses to brush over it?  While it may be tempting to tell the client what you see, real change comes from the client discovering it for themself.  My chapter in Coaching Perspectives IX gives tips for creating awareness and facilitating discovery for the client using the ICF Core Competencies.

In this chapter you will learn best practices for administering the popular 360-degree assessments, what to expect during the assessment debrief based on each personality style, and how to effectively coach each personality style.  You will gain valuable tips for what to expect and success steps for coaching your client to create new habits that will serve them well in all areas of their lives.

Illuminating Blind Spots will help you become aware of your own blind spots and provide tips for creating awareness of blind spots for the client so that they discover for themselves, at their own pace, that which others see.  Truly powerful!  Order your copy of Coaching Perspectives IX through Amazon today to learn how to create opportunities for your client by illuminating their blind spots and coaching them to create the change they want to see.


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