Coaching to Enhance Work Space

Coaching to Enhance Work Space

Coaching to Enhance Work SpaceMaria told her coach Susan that her next focus after organizing her house and closets was organizing her office.  Susan asked Maria to describe her work flow.  Susan asked how and when Maria used what she had in her office.  By exploring this, Susan empowered Maria to reflect on how she wanted things organized.  During the conversation, Susan and Maria co-created a diagram of the office and where Maria wanted furniture, files, and other items.  Susan asked Maria to fully describe her ideal office organization.  While describing it, Maria got excited about experiencing it so she was motivated to get it done.

Susan then asked Maria to list her action steps for organizing her office.  Maria decided to start by going through stacks of paper and either scanning things into her computer for storage there, putting them into files, or shredding them.  She estimated four hours of work to complete all of it, and blocked time in her calendar.  Then she planned to re-arrange her furniture to suit her work flow and open up her space more.  Maria planned two hours for this, and again put it in her calendar.  As a final step, Maria gave herself an hour to go through the knick-knacks and choose what to keep and what to give away.

Susan asked Maria how she wanted to celebrate her completion of the work and Maria said she was going to buy herself a nice picture for the wall her desk faced in her office.  Susan asked Maria what picture she imagined looking at on her wall.  Maria talked about a couple of different pictures, and by visualizing the possibilities decided she preferred a city scene instead of a beach scene.

Maria completed her actions over several weeks and bought herself the picture.  In their next coaching session, Susan congratulated Maria for her success.

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