Do coaching sessions address specific goals only?

Whatever the type of coaching being provided, the question comes up as to whether the coaching sessions cover areas other than the specific purpose for which the coach is engaged.  For example, some believe that in coaching sessions, only the job should be discussed.  In many cases, this is because often the employer is paying for the coaching.  In this scenario, some believe that company funds should only be spent on workplace topics.  When an individual hires a coach to find a job, the belief might be the coach is there for that one thing.

A different perspective is that when coaching, if the coaching sessions and understanding are limited to one area only, then the outcome is also limited.  Harvard Business Review stated that 76% of the time when an executive coach is engaged, personal issues are also addressed.

The balance is to start with an opening session exploring what the individual wants in all areas of their life.  Then in the second session, work on how that person will create the thinking and habits they want to support their progress and success.  Then, from the third session on, the focus is about the job or the primary reason for the coaching.  This supports awareness for the individual and their coach of who they are and what is important to them.

Through this process the client and their coach have a big picture understanding and develop strong rapport.  Then, when other areas in the life of the client are impacting them on the job or as they work on their primary interests, the client and the coach are prepared to effectively discuss and strategize.  The client is a whole person and what they want in each area of their life influences them in each of the other areas.

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