Coaching from the Heart


betsyby Betsy Laughter

Becoming a coach is a role many of us are led to after having life experiences that create within us both wisdom and a knowledge of how to approach transitions and challenges with ease and grace.

Whatever you do in life there is a reason.  Your reason is the heart of what you do and the driving force that will lead toward success.  It is imperative we empower our true selves to spill in to our work.  Inspirational quotes, positive language, and parables are great tools for ourselves and for coaching.  It is the personal application combined with using them as coaches that will show clients we are being genuine in our work with them.

As a coach I want to challenge my clients to think in a positive way to promote equally positive change with a clear commitment.  Accept your clients as they are in the moment.  Start where they are, begin the process of establishing trust, and pave a path for progress.  Using positive language is a reflection of your belief in your client and the forward focus of coaching.  In other words, be positive and use positive, forward thinking language.

Remember that as coaches we are unique.  We each offer our own unique value by finding our niche and being self-aware of who we work with best.  This will lead to better outcomes for clients and a higher sense of satisfaction for us in our work.  I encourage you to reflect on who you truly are as a person and as a coach.  Own your passion and gifts, and you will be an amazing coach to those who will benefit the most.

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