Achieve and Sustain Excellence in Coaching 14

Marketing is often the determining factor in achieving and sustaining excellence in coaching because until potential clients know about your coaching and engage you as their coach, there is not a viable coaching service.

Marketing is important both for internal coaches and for those offering coaching as an independent business.  To develop a marketing plan, start by researching your opportunities.

  • Who will you market to?  Define your ideal client.
    • If you are coaching internally, this may be based on position in the company, focus of the coaching as compared to your niche, or previously identified high
    • If you are building a coaching business, be specific.  Define the age range, socio-economic status,
      industry, and life circumstances of your ideal client.
  • How will you market?
    • Marketing internal coaching services may happen through a company newsletter, internal website or discussion board, or in meetings.
    • Marketing coaching services as a business often includes networking face-to-face and
      online, social media, print media, interviews, and presentations.

A marketing plan includes a summary of your research, an overview of industry economics, barriers and competition, your target market, what makes you unique (think niche), pricing, goals, strategies, and your timeline.  An effective marketing plan means you build a coaching business and have the opportunity to achieve and sustain excellence.

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