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Assessments: How it Works
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How it Works for Organizations or Clients and Coaches


Click here to see the list of assessments.


For Organizations and Clients:

Individual or multiple assessments can be ordered at any time. Assessments include a coaching session unless they are requested for evaluation of employees or job candidates. 


For Coaches:

Graduates of the Center for Coaching Certification will each have a dashboard that can be personalized with your name and logo.  When you want an assessment, you place the order and then follow the steps to provide a link to the client who will take the assessment.  We recommend that you select receiving the report yourself and then provide it to the client during a coaching session.  Included in your dashboard are resource guides and additional tools - click here for the listFor a video tutorial on how to use your dashboard, click here.


The assessments that are immediately available include:

I. Core Assessments
•   DISC* (measures behavioral styles)
•   Motivators (evaluates motivational styles)
•   Hartman** (evaluates thinking styles)
•   Emotional Intelligence EIQ-2 (evaluates emotional styles)
•   Learning Styles (evaluates learning styles)

*DISC report versions: Self (General), Sales, Leadership, Coaching
**Hartman report versions: Self (General), Sales, Leadership

☞ Additional available languages for the DISC Self assessment & report: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Espanol, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Malaysian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, UK English

II. Combined Core Assessments
•   DISC+Motivators
•   DISC+EIQ-2
•   DISC+Learning Styles

III. 360º Assessments
•   DISC360

IV. Hiring & Selection Assessments
•   Workplace Strengths (initial screening assessment)
•   Executive Summary* (executive selection assessment)

*Executive Summary report versions: General, Leadership, Sales, Service

V. Specialty Reports
•   Sales IQ Plus (sales skills test)
•   Executive Summary - Development (executive development report that integrates the first three Core Assessments: DISC, Motivators and Hartman)


Resources Included in Your Dashboard:

Virtual Tour of Your Account - A quick overview of your account
DISC Trainer Materials
Motivators Trainer Materials
Hartman Value Profile Trainer Materials
EIQ (Emotional Intelligence) Trainer Materials
Learning Styles Trainer Materials
Sales IQ Plus Trainer Materials
Platinum Rule Trainer Materials
Certification - Practitioner Certification
Marketing One-Sheets
Sample Reports
Demo Assessments
Webinars - Previously recorded webinars