Coaching Skills for Veterinarians

Zack became an emergency care veterinarian because he wanted to help both animals and people.  Saving the life of a pet is a wonderful gift for the pet owner as well as the animal.  Zack enjoys working with both.  He realizes the importance of communicating effectively with people; some may be under great emotional stress.  Developing rapport with the owners quickly eases the stress they feel when they bring in their beloved pet.  The first thing Zack does when an animal comes in is speak with the owner.  He must ask the owner questions such as observed behavior and care given by the owner.  Zack wants to improve the effectiveness of his questions.

Zack wants to enhance his communication skills because he sees this as the greatest challenge in his practice.  Zack seeks complete information of the situation.  The pet owner must have a complete understanding of the options for care including the pros and cons of each.  He must put his medical knowledge in language the pet owners understand while respecting their intelligence.  It is important for the owner to have acceptance when no effective treatment option is available.

Zack researched effective questioning and communications skills.  He found information about Certified Professional Coach training.  He was confident the specific coaching skills were immediately usable in his practice.  The coaching method made sense to him with the positive focus and language science behind it.

After Zack completed professional coach training, he noticed a dramatic difference in the acceptance of treatment by the owners.  Zack knows he also has a clearer picture of the condition of the animals because of the effectiveness of his questioning.  The owners now thank him for caring so much and for explaining things so well.

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