Coaching Skills for Property Managers

Tammy is an experienced property manager who was looking for ways to enhance her skills and keep her competitive edge.   She conducts much of her business on the phone which means she relies on verbal cues about attitudes of potential and current residents.  Tammy easily connects with many people; she felt her work would be easier and more effective by forming a connection with all of the people.   She also wanted to be effective dealing with people frustrated by nuisances such as broken appliances, aggravated by neighbors, and dealing with evictions.  She wanted to learn to communicate more effectively so others would feel she works with them appropriately.  Additionally, the company Tammy works for has cut staff so effective time management and goal setting have become increasingly important.

Tammy noticed the phrase coaching skills in different job listings, so she decided to learn more and found a coaching class.  She chose an ICF-approved course because they offered quality standards for the coaching industry.

In the coach training, Tammy learned about understanding people, assertive communication, and how language patterns influence motivation.  She naturally connects with different personality styles.  People now consistently thank her for helping them through difficult and stressful situations.  They more readily accept responsibility for their actions and her responsibility to protect the interests of the company and apartment community.

Because of her coach training, Tammy now creates detailed and obtainable goals, and she easily maintains accountability.   She now has the skills to stay competitive professionally.

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