Celebrating You with Gratitude

Celebrating You with Gratitude

Amongst the holiday celebrations, reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the next, what stands out most is how much each of you is worth celebrating and how grateful I am for all of you!Celebrating You with Gratitude

Over the past 11 or so years since starting the Center for Coaching Certification, I have been impressed and excited about the people that complete coach training and all that they do.  Some work in the field and are leaders. Others use their coaching in different capacities with great success.  Many have published, spoken to huge crowds, led powerful initiatives, and more.  Each has impacted others in a positive way.

Thank you for who you are and for being yourself.

Thank you for caring about others.

Thank you for the value you add in this world.

So often I have the privilege of hearing from people after they graduate.  Their news, the stories they share, the wins they have experienced, and the impact they have is so impressive.  Way to go!

When you have a book, you want to talk about, a special event, an important initiative – please reach out!  The Center for Coaching Certification is happy to share your news in a blog or podcast!


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