Coaching Notes Perspective 2

Juanita Bulloch

Juanita Bullochby Juanita Bulloch

Coaching certification programs take different approaches in terms of giving clients notes from the coaching session.  What is a perspective for using coaching notes as a client?

While working with a coach and nearing the end of our coaching commitment, as I was thinking about and evaluating the process, these questions came to me, “Have I received the greatest benefit possible from this experience?  Did I show up 100%?”  Immediately, the coaching notes came to mind.  My coach is very prompt in sending notes of each session and holding me accountable.  There is great awareness and insight captured in the notes, and the notes are available to pull out and read any time.  This means I have a tool for meeting my goal of incorporating daily what I learn through the coaching sessions.

My habit is to read the notes when received, make a mental note of actions and dates, then put them aside until about thirty minutes prior to our next scheduled session.  Sound familiar?  So what process supports me really using the notes as a tool for progress?  As a client, I now commit to:

  • Reading the coaching notes promptly when received. Email or call my coach for any clarifications.
  • Enter action items in my calendar, including date and time of next coaching session.
  • Pull other information from the notes such as affirmations and points of awareness, and then put them in places for greatest visibility and use (for example placing them on my desk, on my bathroom mirror, in my phone, or on my calendar).
  • Reread the notes several days later or weekly and before next coaching session for additional insights, recognizing that I am different than when I first read them and may now see a different perspective. An extra benefit with this is that reading or hearing words that I used often leads to greater clarity.  Also, revisiting the notes supports acknowledging progress and reminds me to enjoy the journey.

Receiving the greatest benefit from coaching is directly related to client’s active participation in the process and willingness for partnering in accountability for moving forward.  At the end of our coach training we gave our client their notes.  Coaching notes serve as a positive reinforcement for the process.

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