Why and How to Use Coaching at Home (with kids)

A woman is walking the park, carrying a small male child and a young girl is also with her
A woman is walking the park, carrying a small male child and a young girl is also with her
Why and How to Use Coaching at Home (with kids)

Pew Research Center survey (2020), 66% of parents in the United States say that parenting is harder today than it was 20 years ago, in part due to technology.

What are the common challenges parents face:

·      Balance – parents are stretched thin between work and home responsibilities plus time with kids and their activities.
·      Communication and Listening – given that humans hear one word in seven on average and commonly fail to process a “no” or “don’t” directive, many families experience more miscommunication than actual understanding.
·      Follow-through and Chores – because of communication challenges, time challenges, and motivation, ensuring homework and chores are completed is a challenge.
·      Nutrition – in a fast-paced environment it is too easy to rely on fast-food, microwave, or processed food choices.  Additionally, junk food snacks and sodas are tempting.
·      Electronic Devices – more time than ever is spent on phones, iPads, computers, video games, and TV than ever before.  This further limits communication and follow-through plus contributes to the nutrition challenges.
·      Judgement – in a fast-paced environment it is common to judge quickly and that can get in the way of open communication and understanding.
·      Aggression – the school environment is tough for children to navigate and can lead to frustration.  Combined with the above, aggression is increasingly common.
·      ADHD and Other – the number of children with ADHD has steadily increased and now 10% are diagnosed with ADHD.  ADHD and other diagnosis bring a whole new set of challenges for parents.


·      If financially able, engage help for cleaning, organizing, babysitting, running errands, cooking, and driving.
·      Connect with other families to share responsibilities.
·      Have a family meeting to talk about challenges and strategies then create a plan.
·      Find counseling for aggression, ADHD, or other diagnosis.
·      Engage a coach to work with the family as a whole and/or with individual members.
·      If time or career allows, parents learning to coach is a value-add at home.

The ‘why’ of coaching at home is clear.  The challenge is in the ‘how’ of coaching at home.

Yes, coaching is wonderful for children and adults alike.  Engaging a coach to work with the family and/or individuals in the family is easy.  At https://www.Coach-123.com/ you can share your interests and budget, be provided several options for a coach, choose who you want, and get started.  When choosing, the coaches are available for an interview to explore family coaching and individual coaching.  The coach can explain a typical process and discuss options.

For parents interested in learning coaching skills as a value add for career as well as at home, visit https://www.CoachCert.com/

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