The 10th Secret to Creating Change

The 10th Secret to Creating Change

by Beth Donovan

Here you are – at the final blog in this series on creating change – be proud of yourself for sticking to it!  Secret ten is:

  1. Nurture your support network.

Share your goals and challenges with close family and friends.  Let them know how they can support you as you move forward.

Join an online community or a group in your area to cheer you on!  Plus, when you encourage others it is encouraging for you too.  Having support makes a huge difference.  Many online communities are free and have food trackers, exercise trackers or activity logs, social pages, teams, and more.

A few closing thoughts:

  • Change is challenging; view it as growth and stay in for the long term benefits. Take it at your own pace because then you will make it work.
  • Change is a journey and adventure of self-discovery. Now I value every single day of the journey more than eating everything I wanted.  I learned so much about myself and grew a whole new, more nurturing relationship with myself.
  • From caterpillar to butterfly: if you help a caterpillar break free of the cocoon, they will never have the strength to fly.
  • Engage a coach. A coach is trained to empower you to work through change in your own way and to achieve the goals you choose.

I’m Beth Donovan, a Certified Professional Coach specializing in Weight Loss and Wellness.  Thank you for joining the journey to creating change by reading this blog series.  Please visit my website to see before and after pictures of me and some of my happy clients.

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