Career Coaching Story

Jordan was looking for a job and struggling.  A friend suggested hiring a career coach.  Jordan did a little looking online and then decided that it was just too expensive.  Without a job, there simply wasn’t any money for extra coaching.

With an urgency to be working and earning, Jordan grabbed the first job offered.  Unfortunately, the work was miserable and Jordan hated the job.  The manager realized Jordan was disengaged and gave the choice of quitting or being written up.  Jordan quit.

Again looking for work, Jordan decided that a career coach would be worth the investment.  The career coach took the time to explore what Jordan wanted and to define values.  Because of this, Jordan became aware of what to look for in a job.

The career coach became a strategy partner for resume writing and job search strategies.  The career coach role played job interviews with Jordan.  The career coach partnered with Jordan in exploring the opportunities different jobs lead to in the future.  The career coach asked Jordan what was important in a workplace.

As a result, Jordan went after work that was appealing and a company that had similar values.  Jordan is now happy and successful in a position that suits.

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