Coaching Skills in Life

Whether volunteering, participating in community events, or parenting, coaching skills make it easier.

Volunteering: Imagine helping with an event and each of the volunteers has different ideas for how to accomplish things and so works in a different direction.

  • Without coaching skills, efforts are duplicated so some of the work is done several ways and the long-term passion for the cause is thus limited.
  • With coaching skills, questions are asked about ideas, areas of interest, and work efforts to ensure each person is doing a different part and the camaraderie is enhanced resulting in long-term passion for organization and the event.
  • Specifically, the coaching skills of listening and asking questions plus adjusting to different people supports teamwork and productivity.

Community involvement: Imagine your neighborhood association is discussing the annual budget and spending priorities.

  • Without coaching skills, each neighbor voices and advocates based on their personal priorities.
  • With coaching skills, each person is asked for their ideas and the thinking behind the prioritization, pros and cons are discussed as a group, consensus is reached in most areas and a vote is taken on a few items.
  • Specifically, the coaching skills of exploring the options and strategizing support a neighborhood working together to achieve the best outcome for the greatest number.

Parenting: Imagine having specific chores for your son or daughter.

  • Without coaching skills, you tell your son or daughter what you want done and how to do it; most of what you say goes in one ear and out the other.
  • With coaching skills, you first consider your son or daughter’s considerations and motivations, and then ask them about how chores fit within their day so that they plan how to get it done.
  • Specifically, the coaching skills of recognizing and adjusting to different personalities combined with empowering individuals to formulate their own plan of action creates buy-in of your son or daughter to how they will complete chores resulting in follow through.

Coaching requires people and communication skills that support focus and motivation.  These skills serve well in life generally.

What are your thoughts?

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