Building a Coaching Business

This is 1 in a series of 24 blog posts on Business and Marketing.

Because the New Year is fast approaching (already), the business planning process is gearing up for so many individuals.  This blog series is in support of you building a coaching business.  If you completed the Certified Professional Coach program, you were provided webinars on Business and on Marketing after your coach training; so much of this is a review and a reminder.  For those of you considering the program, this is a preview in bite-sized pieces.  If you have a business, hopefully this provides a few reminders and tips.  For anyone starting or thinking about starting a business, coaching or otherwise, ideally this is providing great insights.

The first question perhaps is, “Does it make sense to start a coaching business?”  Given the struggling economy, downsizing, and companies with fewer employees doing more, being an entrepreneur is about creating your own opportunity and serving companies that are focused on increased productivity.  Coaching is currently the second fastest growing industry in the world.

The next question is, “Do I have to be certified?”  Technically, no.  Coaching is an uncontrolled industry.  That is changing.  The International Coaching Federation, ICF, is a professional membership organization and the leader in coaching.  Coaching will either successfully self-regulate through the ICF or government will begin to regulate it.  All professions require some level of training.  According to the Harvard Business Review, 70% of the time clients have some level of interest in certification.  Attending ICF-approved coach training goes beyond requirement – it is about professionalism and excellence.

Finally you might ask, “What kind of coaching do I want to do?”  Whether you want to be a business coach, or provide services after life coaching certification, executive coaching certification, or career coaching certification, is based on your experience and expertise.  At the Center for Coaching Certification, the coach training focuses on developing the Core Competencies of a coach as published by the International Coaching Federation and learning coaching process.

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