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Self-care for Coaching Readiness

Self-care for Coaching Readiness

Self-care for Coaching ReadinessCoaches are in the business of coaching because we want to make a difference for others.  Coaches are passionate about helping people improve and achieve.  In our enthusiasm for other people, how well do we coaches take care of ourselves?  While we recognize the importance of balance, how often – in our motivation for coaching and our willingness to work hard – does our own balance go by the wayside?

Interestingly, the Code of Ethics for coaches, as published by the ICF, includes recognizing personal issues that may impair ability to coach effectively.  The obvious personal issues include experience, training, and expertise.  The less obvious issues include mental, physical, and emotional energy levels – all connected to self-care.  This means that self-care for coaches is an ethical responsibility — so that we are at our best when working.

Specific Tips for Self-care:

  • Exercise at an appropriate level.
  • Eat right.
  • Schedule a minimum of one day a week for being off-line.
  • Plan a fun time out at least every other week.
  • Know yourself for maximum hours to work and your relaxation time requirements.

Summer is coming and ideally plans include a vacation or staycation – this supports balance and is part of self-care too, so enjoy knowing having fun and relaxing is doing the right thing!

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