The Coaching Process Over Time

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The ICF-approved coach training at the Center for Coaching Certification includes having each participant coach another participant for five distinct coaching sessions so that they practice all of the techniques that are provided.  Each participant is in turn coached so that they experience what it is like to be the client, and because of the benefits they receive from the coaching.  Each participant also observes other coaching sessions to expand their awareness of different styles and how the coaching process works.

After coaching certification, each Certified Professional Coach is given access to the coach login page on the website where they have a multitude of tools.  Along with the five coaching session questionnaires used during class, there are a couple dozen questionnaires on the website.  These are organized for coaches that do business, life, executive, or career coaching.  The questionnaires are a tool, and after experiencing the flow and the process of the individual session questionnaires, the coaches flex the process to the client.  Sometimes the questionnaire works as is and sometimes the coach adjusts the questions to the client in the moment.

The keys to success in the coaching process include developing rapport, listening, and asking powerful questions.  Developing rapport is based on the ability of the coach to identify who the client is and how they are thinking in the moment then adjusting to them.  Listening requires intention and a coach that effectively rephrases demonstrates their understanding while also supporting client awareness when they hear their own thoughts given back.  Asking powerful questions starts with techniques taught in the coaching certification, is furthered by practice with questionnaires, and is enhanced with experience.

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