Build Credibility as a Coach

As a coach it is important to build your credibility to support building your client base.  One significant approach for this is getting published.  The ability to hand a prospect a copy of your book, make it available for sale when you are training or presenting, or simply listing it on your website adds to your credibility.  Additionally, corporations sourcing a coach will look on Amazon to discover who has written a book recently.Coaching Perspectives

Becoming a published author is easier than you think.  One option for coaches trained by the Center for Coaching Certification is that each year we publish a book written by our coaches.  Each coach writes one chapter.  The coaches then work in teams to review each other’s chapter and provide feedback before the final draft is submitted.  The Center for Coaching Certification covers the cost of editing, design and layout, and handles the publishing.  Full rights to the individual chapters are granted back to the author.  This process supports you becoming published in a manageable step.

For coaches that have previously published and are ready to complete a full book, it is a simple matter to self-publish.  If you want editing or design services, many of the self-publishing services make that available, including Create Space with Amazon.  As a coach, focus your book on an area related to your coaching niche.

What are your thoughts on getting published as a coach?

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