Coaching Dean

  1. What’s your coaching business name? Coaching Dean
  1. What is your niche? I help Gen Y find their why.  (Coaching Millennials, aka Generation Y)
  1. What is your favorite success story? A recent college graduate returned home with two degrees (IT and Physics) and no job. His father hired me to help his son stay focused on his job search. Within six weeks, he was a junior Java programmer for a national travel company. Subsequent coaching sessions focused on onboarding situations and financial goals for his own apartment.
  1. What motivates you? I love being able to provide a forum for Millennials to find clarity regarding their personal and professional goals.
  1. What is something unique about your coaching?  With extensive business experience across several industries, I bring a unique balance and powerful mix of strategy, creativity, and real-world insight to every coaching engagement.


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