Get Known as a Coach

A new coach has a wonderful opportunity for getting known in their community – many local professional membership organizations seek people to make presentations at their regular meetings.  As a coach, this means develop one or several 20-30 minute presentations on a topic related to your niche are for coaching and of interest to various groups.  Then reach out and make yourself available.

As an example, if your coaching is focused on business, contact the Rotary Club chapters in your area and offer to be one of their presenters.  Share with them the title of your presentation and three key teaching points, plus provide your website, email and phone number.

If your expertise is in career coaching, contact your local Society of Human Resources Management chapter.

Other groups include Project Manager’s International, Optimist Club, Lions Club, churches, family or parenting groups, American Society for Training and Development, etc.  Most professions have a group and regularly seek speakers.

As a coach, when you make these presentations you have the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, connect with people, and pass out your business card.  Sometimes the people in the audience want a coach and sometimes they know someone who wants a coach and pass on your card.

What are your ideas on presenting to become known as a coach?

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