BOOKS_ARTICLES_AND_BLOGS_AS_COACHING_RESOURCESAs a coach, chances are you read – this is naturally a part of staying current in the field plus it means you are continuing to learn.  The books, articles, and blogs available provide a wealth of information.  As a side note: when you write as well you demonstrate expertise, build credibility, and it’s a way to get found as a coach.

Clients are likely reading as well.  In coaching conversations it can be valuable to discuss what they are reading and their learning from the information.  Explore application of new ideas and concepts.

As a coach it is also valuable to know which books, articles, and blogs may be helpful for clients.  This means reading based on the focus of your coaching niche in addition to reading on coaching.  For example, clients moving into new executive roles may benefit when referred to “Your First 100 Days in a New Executive Job” followed with coaching to implement concepts.

Manage the information by keeping a database of books, the authors, an overview of the content and key learning points.  Then, when you want to remember which source, a quick search by keyword makes it easy.

Another thought: books are a great gift to clients during the holidays or as a thank you when they are complete with your coaching journey together.

What are some of your favorite books or articles on coaching?  What are some of your favorites for sharing with clients?

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