Assessment Tools in Coaching


ASSESSMENT_TOOLS_IN_COACHINGInteresting dilemma: coaches do not assess or diagnose.  So how do assessments fit with coaching?  Sometimes coaches also serve as a consultant or as someone certified in an assessment tool.  Sometimes coaches have a list of websites where assessments are available.  Other times coaches develop a series of questions or ranking tools to use with clients so that they assess them self.  Whichever source, the idea of an assessment as a tool is clearer understanding and awareness.

There are a multitude of options for assessments.  A quick search online pulls up hundreds – here are a few examples of websites with assessment tools:

Skills to Career Assessment:

Skills and Career Assessments:

EI, Leadership, and 360 Assessments:

IQ, Relationship, Attitude and more Assessments:

Test Skills Assessments:

Coaching a client through assessing and prioritizing their own skills is an option and one way of working with the information is a simple table:


Skill Skill Level Skill Priority
People Skills
Assertive Communication Skills
Time Management
Decision Making
Public Speaking
Conflict Management
Emotional Intelligence
Relationship Intelligence
Social Intelligence
Change Management

Highly specialized and detailed assessments often require training to administer and review.  As a coach, it may make sense to be certified in one or more for use with your clients.  (Be sure to differentiate the assessment from the coaching.)  Alternatively, having a partner that does the assessment and then you do the coaching works well.

Whether accessing readily available assessments, those requiring training, partnering, or coaching for a client to self assess, these tools provide awareness and insight.  This in turn supports client planning and success.

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