How Can Coaching Help a Person in Recovery from Addiction?

Addiction Coaching

By Patrick Bailey

Addiction has its environmental factors as much as it touches internal issues. Many studies suggest that being susceptible to substance abuse, alcoholism, and other forms of addiction can be caused by habits of other people seen in the individual’s surroundings.

What if we can reverse this problem by adding a different influence in a person’s life?

How Can Coaching Help a Person in Recovery from Addiction?
Coaching Can Help a Person

“Coach” is often mistakenly confused with a mentor or a coach who teaches others how to play a certain sport. Now, there are many different types of coaches who have nothing to do with sports–they can be fitness coaches, financial coaches, and even dating coaches! When it comes to addiction, coaches with professional coaching certification can also play a big role. Their insights and motivation can help a person stay away from their bad habits.

When a person is alone, the only source of motivation is found within themselves. When someone knows and understands their struggles, there is an external source that helps keep the focus on what they want and the possibilities.  There’s an old saying that goes, “Two heads are better than one”. When a person struggles alone, the mountain of challenges may be all-too-difficult to surpass.

When someone has a coach, it helps a person stay in check, focused, motivated, and engaged in moving forward.

Come back for the next blog with specific ways a coach makes a difference during recovery.

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