Reasons for Coaches to Start Their Own Blog

Reasons for Coaches to Start Their Own Blog

by Josh Wardini

Coaching, regardless of the type, is a business that revolves around empowering people and partnering with them to make positive changes in their lives and job performance.  As a coach, one of your challenges is engaging new clients.  A powerful way of doing this is through content marketing – demonstrating your expertise so that people reach out to you for more. A great way for doing this is with a blog of your very own. Reasons for Coaches to Start Their Own Blog

Build Your Visibility


It is often a challenge to get your ideal client to notice you and pay attention. A blog allows a coach to share some of the key fundamentals of what they offer with users actively searching for answers and professional advice.

Some intriguing blogging stats reveal that the average company that blogs generate 55% more website visitors and 70% of consumers learn about a company through a blog article rather than an ad.

Ultimately, a blog is a great way for a coach boost their visibility and reach more potential clients.

Build Your Credibility

In today’s market place, one of the key methods for a consumer to gauge your coaching credibility is from the content you publish.  A blog is a way to group relevant content and show a history of experience and expertise to your clients.  60% of consumers feel more positive about a company or brand after reading custom content on their site.  Furthermore, the average consumer views 3-5 pieces of content, gauging credibility before engaging.  A blog with custom content is the perfect way to build your portfolio of content, simultaneously building your brand and credibility.

Build Your Clientele

A small business, such as most coaching services that blog, get 146% more lead growth than those that don’t blog.  In fact, internet users in America spend 3 times more on blogs than they do on email campaigns, making it highly effective at converting your viewers and readers into clients.

For any coach looking to make a serious impact, demonstrate their expertise, and improve their credibility and visibility all while making more money and building their client base, blogging is a smart move.  Starting a blog will go a long way to improve and market your coaching business, and the ultimate guide to create a blog and to get you off the ground. In addition, there are many places where you can post your blog. An example is at Curator. Click here to check them out.


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