Be Proactive

be proactiveTo be proactive means influencing outcomes or making them happen through action.  It involves thinking ahead in terms of what is happening, choosing what you want, and initiating action to create the outcome desired.  Being proactive is the first habit in Stephen Covey’s book “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”.  The opposite of proactive is reactive, meaning waiting for someone else or for something else.  Being proactive means taking control of what is possible.

Coaching is designed to support creating meaningful change, and this calls for being proactive.

Coaching certification focuses on learning the competencies and a process for partnering with clients so that they proactively achieve what they choose.  Research shows and average return on investment in coaching to be 600% so clearly coaching works.

Coaches incorporate a multitude of tools and techniques in support of their clients being proactive and creating the meaningful change they choose.  Significant amongst these are the following:

  • Forward focus – coaching is about the future and what clients want to achieve or change
  • Positive – coaching language is positive and this lends itself to being proactive
  • Exploration – coaches listen deeply, are aware of how their client is thinking and perceiving, and then ask questions so clients expand their thinking and consider different possibilities or perspectives
  • SMART Goals – coaches ask clients to choose and define their Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Resonant, and Time-bound goals
  • Strategy and Planning – coaches ask questions and partner with clients to develop strategies and plan action steps
  • Follow-through – coaches are accountability partners for following through on commitments and also for acknowledging progress and success along the way

Coaching competency is essential as a coach and coaching competency is helpful for everyone.  When working with a coach, observe the behaviors they model and reflect on how you want to incorporate the skills you value in your life and work.

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