How can a coach help?

Forbes ( lists 8 ways a coach makes a difference:

  1. Get clear about your goals.
  2. Identify blind spots.
  3. Be accountable.
  4. Focus your development efforts.
  5. Gain a competitive advantage.
  6. Leadership skills.
  7. Increase engagement.
  8. Feel happier.

Explore these points in detail.  Start by considering you own experiences and those of others you know.  

  • How many high school students, college students, young adults, and even adults mid-career or approaching retirement lack clarity about what they want? If someone lacks clarity about their goals, how can they achieve what they want?
  • When have you or someone you know been blind-sided and hence derailed by the unforeseen? How often, in hindsight, was that foreseeable?  What was the cost?
  • How often do you or, for that matter, most of us, struggle to be accountable to our own plans?

These questions lend themselves to the natural solution: a professional coach (one that has complete coach training).  Why? Because a coach will ask the questions and challenge thinking so that goals are clear, blind spots considered, and accountability planned.

There are more benefits too. A coach is a process expert that supports you in identifying what skills you want to develop and then developing them. A coach partners with you to explore opportunities and create strategies to advance your career and/or objectives. A coach models leadership skills, and ensures your positive, proactive focus which in turn develops you as a leader. A coach is on your side and believes in you which in turn increases your motivation and thus engagement in what you are doing.  All of this means that you will be happier.

How do you find a coach? Be sure your coach has completed their coaching certification and ask about their membership in the International Coach Federation because of the standards and ethics.  To make it even easier, visit

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