Additional Secrets to Creating Change

by Beth Donovan –

Reflect for a moment: how are you benefitting from this blog series with secrets to change?  What do you want to do to gain even more from the insights?

Excellent – and now here are additional secrets to create change:

  1. Be selective.

Be intentional about what you put on your plate.  Use a smaller plate and make the presentation attractive.  Choose to eat what you most enjoy first, and leave what you least enjoy on the plate.  (Remember, eating the right amount is a change and the message that you had enough takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach your brain.)

This is also a brilliant time management technique, being selective.  Choose what tasks or opportunities are most important to you first, and then consider the other options.

  1. Visualize your defeats as aspirations.

The best way to do this is to think in terms of what you CAN do and just ignore what you can’t do.  Get creative and think outside of the box.  In fact, burn the box.  If you perceive yourself as defeated, instead call it an aspiration and work toward conquering that goal.

If you ate something outside of your plan, then accept yourself as normal and then visualize yourself choosing the right food next time.

  1. Life is happening now.

Waiting to enjoy life until you have accomplished some feat, such as reaching a weight goal, wastes a lot of life.  The very act of living your life will help you release weight.  Really live and do what you can.  Enjoy everything that is in your power to enjoy.  What if “thinner” is far in the future?  I asked myself how much I was willing to miss one day.  I decided then that life was happening now.  As I began to embrace life more fully, my life started changing and so did my weight.

Having a Wellness Coach to support you as you move forward with your life will greatly enhance your results!  What is the power of these secrets to change?  The bottom line is that the answer is different for each person and ultimately it depends on a willingness to be open, reflect, apply, adjust, work with your coach and keep going – so keep going – one more secret to come in the next blog!

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