The 5 P’s of Marketing for Coaches

The 5 P’s of Marketing for Coaches

So – you finished your coaching certification.  Now what?  It is time to develop your marketing strategy!  Follow the five Ps listed here. The 5 P’s of Marketing for Coaches

P #1: Product

Focus on Solutions, Ideas, and Insights which means promote the outcome instead of the training, assessments, or coaching.  The product changes for each client – focus on customized solutions.  Identify a customized solution by using your coaching – ask a lot of questions.  As appropriate, assessments are tools of the trade that many clients value (especially in the corporate space).  Each assessment is a different tool for making what you do easier and more scientifically sound.

P #2: Price

Remember to start with the solution because it is more important than the price.  The solution makes the investment worthwhile.  When you do get to price, give it based on the package as a whole.  For example, provide a package of assessments, training, and coaching and give one price for everything – the solution.  Work with the client to co-create a step-by-step outline or flowchart.  Doing this with them creates buy-in and agreement to the full solution.  Additionally, the flowchart helps the client understand what to expect.  If they want to negotiate, negotiate value.

P #3: Packaging

Solutions are your product; the packaging is YOU!  Learn from the pros:

  • Patricia Fripp says accentuate your appearance to enhance your brand identity.
  • Jeffrey Gitomer says have something “signature”.

Communicate your value and quality.  The look and feel of your website, training materials, and assessment reports inform the opinion of clients.  Focus on how they perceive it.  When you use assessments, white label everything.  (For example, the assessment dashboard you receive as a graduate of the Center for Coaching Certification means your name, logo, website, email, and phone are printed on the assessment reports.)

P #4: Promotion

Successful businesses have 50% of their resources (human and financial) invested in marketing and advertising.  Paid or push marketing includes display advertising.  Pull marketing includes SEO.  Free or low-cost marketing includes strategic alliances, social media, a blog, podcast, video, newsletter, emails, and networking.  For promotion, remember: Content Marketing is King!  That means provide great content to demonstrate your expertise and credibility.

#5: Person

Get to know your prospect and their environment.  The more the prospective client talks and the more laser targeted the solutions, the more they are invested.

As you learned in coach training, rapport is the number one indicator of success.  Develop rapport.


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