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Coaching Niches: 3 Considerations

When, as a coach, coaching niche marketing after you have made the effort to get trained and focus your coaching where you have the expertise to empower clients, the next step in finalizing your niche areas is marketing possibilities.

What are niche marketing considerations?
1. Market demand
Is your niche something on which people are willing to spend the time and money for a coach? Is there an identifiable benefit to coaching within your niche?
2. Opportunities to connect with target market
Given your niche area, how would you connect with potential clients? Are there professional development groups, membership organizations, or networking clubs with people in your target market? Does your niche area get discussed online?

3. Perception of target market

When you target market knows your niche, what do they think? Are they comfortable having a coach with that area of specialization? Do they feel it meets their needs?

When identifying your niche, a natural extension is how you will market to your ideal coaching client. As a new coach, natural possibilities include networking locally and networking online, giving presentations or workshops, developing relationships with the people in businesses that hire coaches, and connecting with people you know now. How does your coaching niche fit with your marketing plan, or how will you plan to market your niche?

Now that you have considered your client, your experience, and your marketing opportunities, what niche areas are you focusing on in your coaching practice?

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