Pamper your inner self with a coaching session!

Naomi Clark-Turner

By Naomi Clark-Turner

Naomi Clark-Turner

Most of us understand the importance of regular physical check-ups and the health benefits: the annual wellness-visit to our doctors and the essential dental hygienist appointments.  Plus, later in life, the prescribed mammogram, prostate check, and colonoscopy.

There are other routine physical services most of us choose to build into our schedules, to keep ourselves looking and feeling good: haircuts, exercise classes, manicures, and pedicures to name a few.  Last, and not least, we may also indulgeourselves occasionally in a trip to a spa for a relaxing facial or massage.

How do people take care of their internal self?

How do you decide what you want from your life and whether you are happy with your progress?

What is your awareness of having a regular discussion with someone – a coach – as a tool to help you define your goals, focus on the future, and create a positive mindset?  When will you add coaching sessions to your list of regular check-ups?

Having a coach is a great way to solidify your plans and identify the next steps to get there.  A coaching session will help you both tune-up your personal development and define your life goals.  Coaching will 1) give you clarity on exactly what you want and 2) empower you feeling positive, confident, and engaged.

Like any other personal service or health intervention, some things for you to consider:

  • How long do you want your coaching relationship to last? Best practices is a minimum commitment to six sessions.
  • Will this be a regular check-up or a quick fix? Meaningful change is a process and takes time.
  • What do you want to achieve in your coaching sessions? Consider exploring opportunities, defining challenges, creating strategies, listing action steps, and reflecting on value.
  • How will you know if you get what you wanted out of it? Deciding on your measure of success helps you achieve what you want and you want to know you are getting value for money.

It is smart to treat yourself to a coaching session and round out your health and wellness regime!

A tip: find a coach who has completed their coaching certification and ask them about the process and scheduling, then ask about a free introductory session.


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