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International Coaching Federation (ICF) Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (Level 1)
International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program (Level 2)
Authorized International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) Certification Provider
Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) Continuing Education Unit (CEU)-Approved Program
Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO)

ICF-Accredited Coaching Certification - Earn an ICF credential

ICF-accredited coach training is now offered as Level 1 and Level 2.  The Level 1 will make the process for earning the ACC credential easier.  The Level 2 supports earning the PCC credential. 

  • The Foundational Cohort is an ICF-accredited Level 1 coach training program that includes the training and mentor coaching to support you earning ICF's ACC credential.
  • The Growth Cohort is an ICF-accredited Level 2 coaching certification to transition from the ACC to the PCC credential.
  • The Advanced Cohort is an ICF-accredited Level 2 coach training and mentoring program for earning the PCC credential.

Click here to access the overview for these credentialing cohorts:

For the schedule of each cohort, go to

To register for a credentialing cohort, complete the application at and submit the registration fee at 

Let's pull this all together: How can I become a coach?  This question about how to become a coach is asked by many and the process includes training, mentoring, gaining experience, being assessed, and an exam.  During the process you are developing the core competencies of a coach, learning and demonstrating an ethical practice as a coach, solidifying your efficacy with mentor coaching, and gaining coaching experience.  This culminates in being assessed coaching and passing the Coach Knowledge Assessment exam.  The listed credentialing cohorts provide options for your path to become a coach.

What is changing with how the International Coaching Federation, ICF, accredits coach training?  Starting in August of 2022, ICF began transitioning how they credential coach training programs. Formerly ACSTH accreditation was for programs offering at least 30 hours of training and that is changing to accrediting programs as Level 1 with 60 hours of training plus mentor coaching to earn the ACC credential.  Formerly ACTP accreditation was for programs offering at least 125 hours of training and mentor coaching and that is changing to accrediting programs as Level 2 with the same standards to earn the PCC credential.

The left column in this chart lists the programs that are offered a-la-carte and the columns show them bundled in the Foundational, Growth, or Advanced cohorts to save money and for earning an ICF credential:

The Center for Coaching Certification training program chart with descriptions of classes, prices and savings

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