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Upgrading your people skills with consistency and quality.

DISC Daily is an easy way for the insights from DISC to stay front-of-mind and be applied. DISC Daily includes emails, texts, and more for immediately applicable tips.

DISC Daily is a daily gift of learning.


  • Weekly learning email – every Monday morning (3-minute read).
  • Application activities texted each weekday at a time of your choice (30-second read).
  • Experts in Leadership and Sales podcasts (approximately 20-minutes).
  • Measure for overall learning with pre and post quizzes.
  • Challenging Scenarios sent monthly (10 minutes).
  • A Personal Dashboard to easily manage information.
  • A web page to self-assess progress and opportunities.
  • An online discussion platform.
  • A growing Resource Library with:

Steps for Purchasing DISC Daily

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Upgrading your communication and interactions with DISC is smart. The DISC report is comprehensive and full understanding is a process over time with practice and application daily at work, play, and home. Maximize the investment in yourself, your team, and your clients!

Use these questions to decide if DISC Daily is right for you or your clients:

  • What motivated investing in the DISC?
  • How interested are you in maximizing the value from DISC?
  • How interested are you in staying connected with clients?
  • How important is it to be of service to your client after the coaching engagement ends?
  • What is the value of maintaining the momentum after the initial learning from DISC?
  • What is your level of interest in expanding your offerings for clients?
  • How interested are you in remaining front-of-mind with clients and prospects?
  • How interested are you in supporting long-term learning from DISC?
  • How does a simple tool for staying engaged with clients benefit you as a coach?

Client benefits from DISC Daily:

  • Maintain and strengthen the insights from DISC with regular reminders.
  • Learn all year at a pace that works.
  • Gain a practice and accountability partner.
  • Access learning that serves all styles.
  • Engage with others to share the learning from DISC.
  • Add value for clients who purchase the DISC.
  • Empower clients to apply the principles from DISC immediately.
  • Create and maintain the connection during and after a coaching relationship.

Coach benefits from DISC Daily:

  • Each benefit listed above for clients.
  • An easy, fully-automated way for being front-of-mind during and after coaching engagements.
  • Expanded product offering for clients.
  • An additional revenue stream.
  • Support clients to achieve the maximum outcomes from DISC.
  • Build a common language.
  • Get in front of a new audience as a podcast guest.
  • Access wholesale pricing.
  • Choose the price-point you offer.
  • Engage new clients easily with the benefits provided.
  • Deepen your learning of DISC to upgrade how you support clients.


  • Enhanced communication skills.
  • Awareness and understanding of various behavioral styles.
  • Surpass anticipated potential by dealing effectively with various behavioral styles.
  • Identify strengths and challenges early and easily.
  • Enrich relationships.
  • Exceptional awareness of self and others.
  • Excellent leadership skills.
  • Enhanced rapport.
  • Build strong teams based on their style and strengths.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Retain talent.

Suggestions for making the most of DISC Daily:

  • Join the Discussion Forum and engage regularly.
  • Apply the insights from the daily text and weekly email.
  • Be a guest on the People Strategies Podcast.
  • Repurpose the recording, text, or audio file on your website and social media pages.
  • Create new offerings – language is available on the DISC Daily website.

Steps for Purchasing DISC Daily

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