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Mentor Coach Schedule

Mentor Coaching is available for Coaches seeking to earn the ACC, PCC, or MCC Credential.  For the MCC Credential you may elect individual mentor coaching.


Mentor Coach 2020 June - Sept. - Apply Now

Five Group Coaching sessions at 11:00 AM Eastern for 90 minutes on June 3 and 24, July 15, August 12 and September 9, 2020
Mentor Coach group sessions are live with full participation required as scheduled.

Three sessions are scheduled individually to review your Core Competency 360, recording(s) and talk about your application of the competencies as demonstrated by the PCC Markers.


The fee for the ten hours of Mentor Coaching that includes five group sessions and three individual sessions is $1200 for graduates of the Center for Coaching Certification, CCC programs and $1600 for non-CCC graduates. Private/individual mentor coaching is $2000. To complete the ten hours of mentor coaching, applicant understands and agrees to attend and participate in all group session of the program, complete the 360 assessment, provided a recording of your coaching, and fully engage in the individual coaching. Applicant agrees and understands that any opportunity for make-up of group coaching sessions is at the discretion of the mentor coach for an additional fee. Transferring to a different class before starting is based on space available. If you attend part of the program with one class and part with another class, there will be an additional fee of $250.

The program materials and coaching Competencies 360 is owned by the Center for Coaching Certification LLC, parent company Effect Services LLC, and its founder Cathy Liska. Other Mentor Coaches are Independent Contractors with no proprietary interest.

The program materials and coaching competencies 360 are the intellectual property of the Center for Coaching Certification LLC. Participant hereby agrees that there shall be no replicating, duplicating, or otherwise reproducing the materials for the use of anyone other than the course participant, and no using the content for mentor coaching or training programs.

Classes are recorded for the participants. Recordings are also used for periodic audits by accrediting organizations and occasionally for students in other classes when their recordings are defective. Registering for a class means agreeing to these uses of recordings.

Information from each form on this website is used by the Center for Coaching Certification to respond and follow-up. The information is maintained on our internal database. Trainers maintain student records during classes and after a class is over the Center for Coaching Certification maintains the records internally. Completing a form means agreeing to your information being held in our records.

Cancellation Policy: In the event you must cancel participation, up to seven days prior to the start of the first group coaching session you may request a refund of the amount less a twenty percent processing fee; six days or less prior to the start of the first program webinar you may request a refund of fifty percent of the registration. You may transfer your full registration to someone else up to three days prior to the start of the first group coaching session. If you start the program and are unable to attend all of the classes and the full coaching practicum, participation may be transferred to another class when space is available.