Search Engine Optimization for your Coaching Website

Search Engine Optimization for your Coaching Website

We hear a lot about SEO optimization.  It is important when you have a website!  That is because it is one way people find you online.

When you want to find something on the internet, you type words into a search engine such as Google, Bing, Fire Fox, Chrome, or Safari.  These sites then list the pages the algorithm considers most relevant.  How does it decide which pages are most relevant?  The algorithms consider the age of the website, the expiration of the URL, they key words for each page, the meta description for each page, the alternative text for the images, the content on the page, outbound links, inbound links, and more. Search Engine Optimization for your Coaching Website

When you design your website, list different key search words for each page that accurately describe the page content.  Name each page differently, simply, and so it clearly defines what is on it.  Write a meta description of what is on each page.  Be sure your key words, title, and description match the content on the page.  When someone is on your website, they will very quickly decide if it offers what they are searching for and whether to stay and learn more.

Incorporate words your ideal clients may enter in a search engine.  The niche of coaching, your client’s concerns, and solutions to challenges.  A health coach, depending on their area of expertise, may have weight goals, meal planning, and physical training as key words.  A life coach may use work/life balance, family support, or relationships.

Images are important too as the search engines also look for a word count to image ratio.  The use of strong and compelling images can be seen by many people – the search engines are machines, so they only “see” the alternative text you provide for each image.

Link to other sites that offer valuable information for your clients.  Link from your social media pages to your site.  List your site in directories.  Write blogs that link to your site.  Invite others to link to your site with guest blogs, social media, podcasts, and videos.

Build these basics into your site because they are low or no cost options that help.  At the same time, remember that referrals and public speaking are the top two sources for new clients so get yourself out there!


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