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Dr. Phildra Swagger
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Phildra Swagger is originally from North Carolina and holds a PHD.  She thought she wanted to be a school superintendent because she believes in being a teacher’s advocate then found did not like the bureaucracy involved.  She changed careers for nonprofit and charter schools to become a   principal.  Now She resides in Tampa, Florida and has been helping the world through education for 30 yrs.

What inspired you to become a coach?

I’ve been a mentor, advisor, and trainer – and coaching really helps people.  I realized that in coaching I can help you shape your own life and color your own vision.  I can help people live more fully.

What specific areas do you focus on?

I focus on women and empowerment, I’m a success coach.  I work with women who want to be leaders and entrepreneurs. We work on career and personal alignment to be equipped and fulfilled across the board to be your most authentic self.  “Being the CEO of your life.”

What do you love most about coaching?

I get to work with people who share their most intimate challenges and dreams.

What is one of the biggest challenges you helped one of your clients through?

The guilt of being successful.  Did they do enough for their children or marriage? (Other labels and expectations if they are fulfilling their next stage of life.) They feel guilty for being great.

What clients do you most like to work with?

Ones that commit to the process – they work on themselves and their business.

What is your favorite coaching tool?

The basic wheel of life so people can consider all areas of life.  I also like the mountain top view.

What message do you have for anyone considering becoming a coach?

I believe coach training is vital – learn how to be a professional coach.  Get strategies to make sure you can fully serve and be present.  Learn the correct way to provide quality service.

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