CCC & My CPC Journey (Part I)

CCC & My CPC Journey (Part I)

CCC & My CPC Journey (Part I) By Toniya Singh

I was reading a blog about measuring coaching ROI when I got to thinking about my own ROI as an alumna of the Center for Coaching Certification, especially since there are so many schools across the nation to choose from. I was happy to find out that my ROI in going through the program through the Center for Coaching Certification is well balanced in my favor.

The Technology – The Technology chosen to conduct the online classes is highly interactive. I have a computer that is, by all accounts, ‘outdated’ and does not support a lot of the technological updates because it is simply ‘too old’. Yet the technology used by the Center for Coaching Certification is ‘friendly’ enough that it works seamlessly with my computer.CCC & My CPC Journey (Part I)

Within a few simple follow to-dos from the instructor, one finds themselves smack dab in virtual attendance of the class. The instructor also makes certain to call upon each participant regardless of the number of attendees, to ensure that they are comfortable with the technology, and aware that they are actively going to participate throughout the class to keep it moving forward.

There are chat, hand raising, and mute-unmute functions as well as a plan B (via phone) if all else fails. In short, the technology used supports attendance in the class in the most economic yet effective manner while engaging participants.


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