Witnessing Acts of Kindness

During coach training we focus on the positive.  We also practice being present and aware.  These are coaching skills.  Being a great coach means making coaching skills a habit so that we apply them easily and naturally during coaching sessions.  Apply these coaching skills of focusing on the positive and being present in life.  Focus on the good that comes out of disasters or every day challenges and be aware of acts of kindness that follow.

What acts of kindness have you witnessed recently?

A Story About Acts of Kindness:

Hurricane Irma came through my community.  While it was much worse in other areas, many neighbors and friends sustained damage and lost power for up to six days.  What was most remarkable is how much people step up and help each other.  In our neighborhood, friends and neighbors drove around with tools to find where to help others, then jumped in to repair and clean-up from the storm.  Other friends and neighbors checked on houses that were evacuated to take care of any damage.  When the power was out for six days, some helped move food to places that had power.  One friend and neighbor who sells homes contacted owners whose homes had power and asked if neighbors without power could use the home.  There were so many acts of kindness!  The storm wreaked havoc everywhere and it also brought out the best in so many people.

Apply the focus on the positive and being present that you learned in coaching certification by sharing stories or pictures of acts of kindness.  Add a comment here with your story because it is inspiring for all and acknowledges the people who gave their time, energy, and resources to help others.

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