The Use of Coaching in the Emergency Services Field

First responders, firefighters, medical personal, and police officers deal with the public 24/7.  At times, the interaction between the public and emergency personal can be very tense and poor communication prolongs the conflict.  For example, often emergency personnel tell people what NOT to do, the people miss hearing the don’t, and they keep doing what they are expected to stop doing.  Instead, by saying what to do, people will know what to do and be able to follow directions.  Adding the communication skills from coach training in the emergency services field has the benefit of better interaction with the public as well as better cooperation from the public during tense situations.

To further expand on and deepen the communication skills, many language techniques are covered in coaching certification.  One of these is to learn about poison words.  These are words that limit understanding and shut people down including: you need to, don ‘t, and you should.  These examples are words that emergency personal use when dealing with the public.  Such examples are “don’t do that”, “you should do this”, etc.   When emergency services personal learn coaching skills, they will learn words that move people forward in a positive, proactive manners.  For example, say what they WANT someone to do and using words that motivate follow through such as because, here is how to…, and easily.

Coaching skills for emergency services can be a lifesaver!  Coaching is a tool to help cope with challenging situations.  Coaching is powerful for understanding how to communicate with different personalities and thought processes.  When emergency personnel are talking with an individual and apply coaching language, using words that work increases a successful result for all involved.  Coaching certification also teaches how to motivate people to want to do something and to follow through.  In emergency situations, this will help with reactions and results.

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