Passion and Purpose

What about all the different coaching models?

by Jessica Bacher

If you are a prospective business owner, it seems obvious that you consider your passion and purpose when making a decision about the focus of your business.  Who wants something other than the one thing that drives them; the one thing they think about day in and day out?  It sounds like a no-brainer! 

Surprisingly, it is more complicated than that.  There are big challenges when you put all your attention toward what you are passionate about to build a business.  It takes resilience, self-reflection, self-control, and patience to mix business and real life.  For me, that meant focusing on my own divorce longer than I’d ever wished to.

See, my passion and purpose fell into my lap after I watched other niches I dabbled in come and go.  I was unable to focus completely, and my clients noticed.  What I did have a grasp on were my struggles and the resulting strengths that came from my 2012 divorce.  As strange as it sounded (and still does), I wanted to revisit this life changing event over and over in order to help women who had faced the same challenges as me.  I also used it as a healing tool for myself while I continued to process, learn, and forgive as I worked and watched women like myself morph into post-divorce success stories.  For me, I was able to get creative with the very topic that tore me apart just a short time before.  Listen, reliving your past for a living can be exhausting, and at the same time there are healthy and productive ways that you can do it.  Dive into my chapter to learn how to make your own passion and purpose in business work for you!

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