q Why CCC for Coach Training?

Why CCC for Coach Training?

A woman is sitting ng at a desk, trying on a computer. There are also a number of thumbnail citrus of various pipes superimposed on the picture.
A woman is sitting ng at a desk, trying on a computer.  There are also a number of thumbnail citrus of various pipes superimposed on the picture.
Why CCC for Coach Training?

It is sometimes a challenge to promote ourselves and what we offer, so an easy way to address this question of Why CCC for Coach Training? is to share what others say online.

Reviews verified by SHRM and posted on the SHRM Vendor Directory at http://vendordirectory.shrm.org/company/742512/reviews include the following:

Adrianne Hampton, CMC – 5 of 5 Stars

Packaged as a training course, the gift from Cathy Liska’s Center for Coaching Certification program is that it is a phenomenal coaching program that trains and teaches prospective coaches on the ins and outs of life changing methods and core techniques that are indelibly etched in the psyche of her students. Now as a CMC, I can pay it forward and give that gift back to my clients with the confidence and assurance that I can copartner in that life changing work with my clients; helping them to navigate their life journey with questions that open and expand their minds to an amazing world of opportunity as an accountability partner to success and greatness.

Kendra L. Nickel, Director of Leadership Development, HCF Management – 5 of 5 Stars

The Center for Coaching Certification is an excellent partner for coaching training and certification, rooted in the ICF Code of Ethics, values, and core competencies. The courses are a perfect blend of instruction, discussion, and practice. The tools and resources provided to graduates upon completion of the program are exceptional, and more than I was expecting. Their process and program are beyond compare! The instructors are passionate about coaching itself and about educating and equipping new coaches.

Mindy Potter – 5 of 5 Stars

I recently completed the PCC cohort course with Center for Coaching Certification, and it was amazing. I learned so much and was able to practice my coaching skills bringing them up to a level I never expected to reach. My coaching sessions have been so much more effective, and I regularly watch my clients experience AHA moments now, when I rarely did previously. In addition, I now have a cohort of coaches that I continue to keep in touch with and support (and vice versa) going forward. I don’t have words to truly express how incredibly valuable this class has been to me!

Mark Gruen, Associate Dean of Faculty, Southern New Hampshire University – 5 of 5 Stars

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity (through my employer) to complete the Certified Professional Coaching Certification through the Center for Coaching Certification. This experience has vastly improved the conversations I have, even those that fall outside the realm of coaching. I would highly recommend the Center for Coaching Certification for anyone interested in coaching. You will find, as I did, that the benefits extend far beyond the work you will do as a coach. Thank you for an amazing experience!

Client References Posted on LinkedIn:

Cathy is an amazing management coach. I have learned so much from Cathy’s guidance and expertise. I have grown professionally as a result of my work with Cathy and highly recommend her. – Tracy Doyle, Managing Partner at eNOVA

With one simple question, Cathy unlocked my determination to open my own consulting practice. That direct and insightful question, “What’s your passion?”, was presented in one of our coaching sessions and it became the flashpoint for making significant changes in my life. Cathy is an exceptionally skilled coach, intuitively knowing the right question to ask at the right time. She’s also a gifted facilitator and mentor. Coaching comes naturally to Cathy, and she is an outstanding professional role model. – Lisa Simon, Teacher at Providence Academy – Plymouth, MN

Cathy Liska coached me and gave me great guidance in moving my career forward. During some periods when I was “stuck” in my efforts to move forward, Cathy seemed to always have an approach that helped me get to the next level. I recommend Cathy highly as a coach, trainer, and someone with a very sharp business and managerial insight. – Joffrey Long President Southwest Bancorp

“Cathy Liska is an excellent trainer, facilitator and speaker. I have had the opportunity to both work with Cathy and observe her in her work and I have been impressed with Cathy’s ability to connect with her clients and deliver valuable and useful advice. Cathy has a keen sense of what her client’s needs are and how to resolve them. Cathy is an asset and I highly recommend her work.”  Evan Glassett, Leadership Consultant and Coach at Saudi Electricity Company

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