Coaching Challenges and Solutions 6

Coaching Challenges and Solutions 6

Coaching Challenges and Solutions 6What if the boss does not think the client will make it and does not like them?

After a company engages a coach for an employee, the coaching client, their boss calls the coach.  The boss says they do not like the client and do not believe they will make it in their position.

Foundational Information:

  • Sometimes the coach will find themselves in the place of talking with someone other than their client.  Because this is outside of the formal coaching engagement and the statement of work, it means making a business decision whether to invest the time and the other consideration is how to handle the non-coaching conversation if you do invest the time.  The coach can serve everyone involved if handled properly.
  • Ensure that any exchange of information is in keeping with the agreement and Code of Ethics.


  • What do you want in an employee in this position?
  • What else is important to you?
  • What additional requirements are there for the job?
  • What is important in how this position supports you?
  • If this person were in the position for a while, what do you want them to change?
  • What are their pros and cons?  Strengths and weaknesses?
  • How can they make it work?
  • What advice do you have for them?
  • What do you want to do about it?
  • What information can I disclose?

Sometimes the opportunity for this conversation is in the moment, so as a coach be prepared.  Know what is in your agreement and your Code of Ethics.  Function in keeping with the ethics and the agreement.

The benefits of this conversation are awareness on the part of the boss in terms of potential, the coach knowing factors impacting the client success, and the opportunity to exchange information ethically.  Ultimately it is an opportunity to better serve the coaching client.

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