Who Hires Coaches?

who hires coaches blog

who hires coaches blogThe easy response is anyone and everyone!  Of course more specifically it is organizations that develop their people and individuals who are motivated to create change and achieve goals.  Organizations hire coaches most often to, according to Harvard Business Review, develop high potentials, support transitions, address derailing behaviors and get people back on track, or to serve as a sounding board.  Individuals hire coaches most often to, according to the International Coach Federation, for career purposes, to support their business, to build their confidence, or to create work/life balance.

Increasingly organizations and individuals are asking coaches about their membership status with the ICF and about their training because of the challenges faced when working with untrained coaches.  To a large degree hiring a coach involves an element of “buyer beware” due, unfortunately, to the negative impact of untrained or under trained coaches.

For trained coaches who are members of the ICF this creates an opportunity to distinguish yourself, increase your credibility, and increase your client base – promote your training, ICF membership, and accountability to the standards and ethics of the coaching profession!

If you want to hire a coach look at online directories or the ICF member list of coaches.  Ask about the coach training and ethics of the individual coach.

For both coaches and clients – an initial 20 or 30 minute coaching session is an ideal way of deciding if this is an effective match.

The best news?  On average coaching provides a 600% return on investment according to Forbes Magazine.

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