How do you find a coach?

how do you find a coach blog

how do you find a coach blogBecause there are so many coaches who are untrained or partially trained, one of the challenges to hiring a coach is finding the right coach.  Common resources for finding coaches include:

  • Referrals – one of the most popular methods for finding a coach is referrals from clients of coaches. On the pro side it is convenient and gives you a coach who is effective.  On the con side it limits the pool and may or may not be the right coach for a different client.
  • Published articles, blogs, or books – often organizations sourcing coaches will search books, articles, or blogs written by coaches because it gives an opportunity to see their expertise. On the pro side this helps identify areas of speciality and coach leadership.  On the con side it requires time to research and review.
  • Directories – online directories of coaches are available for finding coaches. On the pro side this is quick and easy.  Depending on the directory there may be standards for inclusion so this is a tremendous benefit.  On the con side the information is limited so it requires reaching out and talking with the coaches.
  • Coaching Firms – increasingly popular, coaching firms provide access to multiple coaches along with back-up support and options. On the pro side this means being able to choose from a small number of coaches selected for fit with your objectives.  On the con side the price point is usually higher.

As a great option, the Center for Coaching Certification has over 1400 graduates and will provide referrals of coaches.  Additionally, our sister company, the Center for Coaching Solutions, serves as a coaching firm that will work with your budget and objectives.

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