Which Coaching Certification? (Part I)

As the coaching industry advances, a myriad of organizations that offer formal training are promoting coaching certification programs.  The ICF website hosts a list of quality schools they have approved where one can train as a coach, and the Center for Coaching Certification is among them.

For coaches in-the-making, it makes sense to shop around for the training that suits your personal logistics in terms of scheduling, location, and costs.  At the same time, you want a training program that upholds the highest standards for learning all of the coaching competencies, and delves into the nuances of the Code of Ethics.  Review the program’s business model, curriculum, plus support after training.  Finding the right coach training program for you impacts your learning while a student of coaching, and your opportunities as a professional coach after certification.

There are several questions to ask before signing up for the training (for example:  approvals, affiliations, reputation etc), three significant considerations for that list.  The questions you ask inspire you so you expand your expectations of the school that will qualify to receive your hard earned dollars and time commitment for the coach training.

In the next blog post (on Wednesday) learn more about three significant factors for choosing coach training.

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