Considerations for Choosing Coach Training (Part II)

Considerations for Choosing Coach Training (Part II)

Considerations for Choosing Coach Training (Part II) Welcome back – in the last post we promised you more information on three significant factors to consider and ask about when choosing a coaching program so you expand your expectations for coach training.  The first two are here, and the third is in the next post (on Friday).

Who are the teachers?  Not all Professional Coaches want to be Coach Trainers; all Coach Trainers must be a Professional Coach.  The knowledge gained as a Professional and subsequently a Master Coach and the corresponding experiences coming through those ranks is imperative to the effectiveness of anyone who trains Coaches.  This effectiveness is further enhanced when they continue their own coaching practice parallel to being a coach trainer.  After all, providing the services creates experience that adds to the value of the training.  Look carefully and ensure the teacher is “walking-the-talk”.  Be sure the teacher knows how to teach too!  Different levels of skill as teachers impact the quality of the learning opportunity.  Ask questions about the availability of the trainer too.

  • What access will you have to the trainer for questions and guidance between classes?
  • How do the trainers continue to nurture a working and mentoring relationship once the training is complete?
  • How do they view you in terms of being competition as a coach after you graduate?
  • What support does the trainer and company provide after certification?


What is the program design?  For example, some classes are online, some require travel or commuting to a physical location, and some are a combination.  In addition to the location, schedule and cost, consider how the program maximizes learning and retention.  Research and ask questions about the training design.

Choose a program that offers an approach that works well for your learning style and preferences.

Come back for the next blog (on Friday) to read more about the content to look for in a coach training program.

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